Moringa Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

Trouble Sleeping? This powerful combination of Moringa and Chamomile can give you Restful Night`s sleep.

The combination of moringa with organic chamomile can give you significant amounts of healing substances. Moringa is a unique plant, a source of 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, which provides your body with everything it needs in a perfect balance while Chamomile tea relaxes nerves and soothes the nervous system, therefore helping you sleep better.

Some of the very useful minerals and vitamins are present in moringa such as B vitamins, calcium magnesium and potasium. This results in muscle relaxation, relief from anxiety, depression and headaches. Also a special antioxidant apigenin is found in abundance in chamomile tea. Apigenin binds to specific receptors in your brain that help decrease anxiety and initiate sleep.This magical herbal tea is also great for colds. It stimulates immunity and respiratory system of a human body.

How to use ?

If you are looking for peaceful sleep then taking Moringa/Chamomile tea right before bed time is the right choice. You can add tea spoon of organic honey in it which will give it a very pleasant taste.


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